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Yaro is a Nigerian Grammy Nominated songwriter who currently resides in Los Angeles Ca.

Yaro has been an active member of the music industry for the past 10 years and has worked with known producers in the music industry such as Grammy Award Winning Producer Will.I.Am, Musiq SoulChild, Brian Kennedy, Jared Lee Gosselin, Andre Harris, Warryn Campbell, Keith Harris, Young Yonny, and more. A record she wrote for Canadian Artist N0vel made its debut on the Billboard Dance Charts at #16. Lisa Yaro has had the pleasure of writing for talented artists such as Cher, Enrique Iglesias, Will.I.Am, Mya, Rawyals, Latoya Luckett, Leah McFall, Claudette Ortiz, and many more.

The work she did on Mya's "Smoove Jones" album was nominated for a Grammy: Best R&B album of 2016 at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Lisa Yaro also has a non profit organization called Industry For God, which unites music industry professionals by feeding the homeless and donating their time giving back to their community.